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Kozuii Slimming Suit
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Konzui Slimming Suit Seen On TvKonzii Slimming Suit is a product the perfect outfit, practical and effective to maintain the beauty of the female body.

The function of Konzuii Slimming Suit:

Slimming waist and shrink the abdomen and thighs.

Burn fat.

Raise and tighten the breast and buttocks.

Subtracting pain during menstruation.

Speed up your metabolism.

Increases blood circulation.

Characteristics of Konzuii Slimming Suit:

Far Infrared is the part of sunlight wavelengths 6-14 micro, where the light is very good for the formation and growth of all living things. These rays are called " Rays biogenetics " .

Advantages of Konzuii Slimming Suit:
Can form an ideal body, body slimming, thigh lift, throw weight, burn fat, slim waist, increase metabolism, improve blood circulation.

kozui slimming after birth but can be used depending on when the mother gave birth through a surgical operation or normal.rnBila, it must
wait 3 weeks after the new rays should wear that red infera therein can damage the regeneration of ibu.rnBila manually, then
mother has allowed direct use.
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